Masak Dey with Lollukumar [Oklah Production]

It’s online cooking show time!

Check out the talented home-cooked dishes by the dashing Lollukumar at Oklah Production!

Lollukumar specialises in southern Indian recipes, with his own unique twist! This weekend’s recipe is beetroot chicken with fancy sides.

Come Masak Dey with Lollukumar and Carolyn!

Join our free online cooking class on Facebook Live! Join home-cooking master chef Lollukumar in his home kitchen every Sunday in the afternoon as he demonstrates how to make delicious recipes. He’ll share tips, tricks and step-by-step instructions and you’ll be able to pick his brain, ask questions and get his answers in real time too!

Accompanied by feisty commentary and mildly risque jokes by Carolyn Ooi.

You can rewatch past recipes and cooking shows on Oklah’s YouTube channel.

Experience the smells, flavours and textures of Asia at home through Lollukumar’s Masak Dey online cooking live sessions.

And stay tuned to Oklah Production – we connect you with expert home-cooking chefs, to teach you the fundamental skills to cook Asian dishes at home. Let’s explore the world popular food cultures together!

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