Masak Dey with Lollukumar [Oklah Production]

It’s online cooking show time!

Check out the talented home-cooked dishes by the dashing Lollukumar at Oklah Production!

Lollukumar specialises in southern Indian recipes, with his own unique twist! This weekend’s recipe is beetroot chicken with fancy sides.

Come Masak Dey with Lollukumar and Carolyn!

Join our free online cooking class on Facebook Live! Join home-cooking master chef Lollukumar in his home kitchen every Sunday in the afternoon as he demonstrates how to make delicious recipes. He’ll share tips, tricks and step-by-step instructions and you’ll be able to pick his brain, ask questions and get his answers in real time too!

Accompanied by feisty commentary and mildly risque jokes by Carolyn Ooi.

You can rewatch past recipes and cooking shows on Oklah’s YouTube channel.

Experience the smells, flavours and textures of Asia at home through Lollukumar’s Masak Dey online cooking live sessions.

And stay tuned to Oklah Production – we connect you with expert home-cooking chefs, to teach you the fundamental skills to cook Asian dishes at home. Let’s explore the world popular food cultures together!

Check out this simple Virtual Run explanation poster:

ASMR Logo Designs

What do you think of these two logo designs?

The first is more organic and tranquil, while the second logo is more underground and grunge.

ASMR is a broad class of unique sounds that trigger certain pleasant sensations in humans.

These logos are for online channels dedicated to ASMR sounds and sharing.

Safety First This Hari Raya from Hoho & Weiwei!

Selamat Hari Raya from Hoho and Weiwei!

Or should I say Hoho bin Mohowei and Weiweiminah?

They’ve certainly dressed up for the occasion!

And here are Hoho and Weiwei’s posts on social media:

Festive enough?

Hari Raya is the Malay new year celebration following an arduous month-long fast, and normally there would be widespread gatherings and home visitations and parties.

Unfortunately this year that is no longer an option, with interstate travel and large scale gatherings banned.

However, the spirit of Hari Raya is the happiness and togetherness of knowing that ones family and friends are safe and sound, and so let us unite and stay in touch in spirit this Hari Raya 2020 with Hoho and Weiwei to cheers everyone on!

Stay safe and wear your face masks and maintain social distancing, everybody!

Let’s Get Ready To Run!

Say hello to Hoho and Weiwei in their outdoor running gear!

Let’s get ready to run outdoors again! While still being socially responsible, of course.

Please maintain at least 1.5m between bodies, thank you!

Howei Mascot & Poster Design

A continuation of the Howei mascots, Hoho and Weiwei and the marketing of the virtual event platform. Below is the mascot and poster designs:

Say hi to Hoho on his stationary bike!

But wait, there’s more!

Say hi to Weiwei on the treadmill (the pink one, not the lady):

Artist Commission Showcase – Howei Mascots

Due to the current quarantine situation, many people (and animals) are being forced to remain indoors and minimise contact with other living things.

Howei is aiming to help you stay healthy from your home, with a variety of virtual events to stimulate and motivate you to keep working out and staying active, no matter where you are!

Say hi to Weiwei, clocking her kilometres safely at home

Say hello to the Howei mascot birdies – Hoho and Weiwei!

They’ve been happily roosting at home, and now they’re here to encourage you to get active and try out Howei’s latest Virtual Event platform!

Head over to to find out more!

[Webcomic Showcase] Moths Have Cute Faces!

Today we have a webcomic showcase, with a different arrangement of panels. It features…certain insects. Caution: if you’re a lepidopterophobia, you might want to turn back now.

Should each panel be it’s own image?

Let’s trial out a new format of webcomics!

So moths are apparently rather cute and fuzzy up close, but I’ll take the artist’s word for it.