Howei Malaysian Independence Day Merdeka Celebration Designs

Here at Howei we enjoy a good celebration, especially if it allows us to show our love for our country and people. So happy Merdeka (that’s Independence Day in Malaysia for those playing at home) to everybody!

Let’s remember and celebrate our freedom, and strive for a better tomorrow!

Celebrate Merdeka together with Howei – get out there and enjoy your freedom on your home soil (with physical distancing please)!

Masak Dey with Lollukumar [Oklah Production]

It’s online cooking show time!

Check out the talented home-cooked dishes by the dashing Lollukumar at Oklah Production!

Lollukumar specialises in southern Indian recipes, with his own unique twist! This weekend’s recipe is beetroot chicken with fancy sides.

Come Masak Dey with Lollukumar and Carolyn!

Join our free¬†online¬†cooking class on Facebook Live! Join home-cooking master chef Lollukumar in his home kitchen every Sunday in the afternoon as he demonstrates how to make delicious recipes. He’ll share tips, tricks and step-by-step instructions and you’ll be able to pick his brain, ask questions and get his answers in real time too!

Accompanied by feisty commentary and mildly risque jokes by Carolyn Ooi.

You can rewatch past recipes and cooking shows on Oklah’s YouTube channel.

Experience the smells, flavours and textures of Asia at home through Lollukumar’s Masak Dey online cooking live sessions.

And stay tuned to Oklah Production – we connect you with expert home-cooking chefs, to teach you the fundamental skills to cook Asian dishes at home. Let’s explore the world popular food cultures together!

Check out this simple Virtual Run explanation poster:

VStaff HRMS Features & Designs

VStaff is Malaysia’s top-of-the-range HR management system and powerful customised solution that will take your business to the next level!

VStaff has all the features you need for your human resources department (and more!) – from leave to claims to payroll and performance appraisal. And it is all online and responsive, so you can run payroll and check your payslip from anywhere in the world!

Check how much leave you have left with VStaff’s online E-leave module!

Submit all your monetary claims for approval swiftly and easily with VClaims!

Track your sales by salesperson or by outlet, and reward your sales team accordingly. Get powerful statistics for the most vital part of your business with VSales!

Ensure your staff are trained up and ready to go, and discover now courses now with VStaff’s VTrain!

Approved by Malaysia’s LHDN, VStaff is a ready-to-use solution that will transform your HR department and entire workforce!

Everything is now available at the click or tap of a button!

Try out VStaff today and contact the VStaff team at or call 04-371 2251.

Hai Kang Steel in Penang

Hai Kang Steel is a local Penang company that supplies steel frames and accessories. If you want a custom steel project for your property, Hai Kang Steel should be your first choice!

Hai Kang Steel has been leading the way in wholesales distribution of Wall, Ceiling Accessories, Furring Channel, Metal Door Frame, Metal Window Frame since 2007. Our ongoing firm commitment to consistently maintain premium quality products, innovation, and unparalleled service coupled with respected ethics and having the most extensive range of products in the industry ensures the most convenient, beneficial results and satisfaction guarantee for our distributors.

Hai Kang Steel Metal Door Frames, whether it is the Hai Kang Steel KD-118 Knocked-Down System or the BU-118 Built Up System, are manufactured to perfection complete with quality in-vuilt hinger, door stops and arcitraves, striker plate and lock pocket and shock absorbing buffers. Futher strengthrened by the dual spreader bars at the heels, the Hai Kang Steel Metal Door Frames form an integral aprt of the wall and hence add to its structural strength.

Hai Kang Steel Metal Door Frames give user the flexibility of either integrating them with feature facia bricks or plastering. All Hai Kang Steel metal Door Frames are made to the exact requirements of the doors for which they are intended. With the wire brick ties (to brickworks) or R.C. column adaptors / adaptor straps, the Hai Kang Steel Metal Door Frames require no nails or lintels but just 6 easy steps of installation shown below:

Go to the Hai Kang Steel website to get a quote and for more inquiries!

Rockman X Dive Poster Designs – Marino & Hidden Deep Elements

Here are some Rockman X Dive visuals for the latest mobile game in Capcom’s Rockman X franchise!

First up is the logo, the classic Rockman X with a Dive, and a humble homage to Rockman’s headpiece (the red triangle).

Next up we introduce a new skin and outfit for Marino, the ninja Reploid of the Maverick Hunter team!

Clearly some improvements in er…flexibility.

And then we have the video visual for the full Hidden Deep Element location guide for Stage 8 of Rockman X Dive!

Spectrum Music Has A New Look!

Say hello to Spectrum Music Penang’s latest logo!

Spectrum Music has been a powerful presence in Penang, providing all manners of musical goods and services for over a decade.

They have an impressive variety of musical instruments and they also offer lessons and training. If you’re planning an event and require a solid sound system, look for Daniel and he’ll hook you up!

Spectrum Music Penang

ASMR Logo Designs

What do you think of these two logo designs?

The first is more organic and tranquil, while the second logo is more underground and grunge.

ASMR is a broad class of unique sounds that trigger certain pleasant sensations in humans.

These logos are for online channels dedicated to ASMR sounds and sharing.