Monday Kickstart KSD Run [Howei Events]

Kickstart your week with our Monday Karpal Singh Drive (KSD) Run (with refreshments and sponsored goodies by Howei Events)!

Howei Monday Kickstart KSD Run
Howei Monday Kickstart KSD Run
Howei Monday Kickstart KSD Run
Howei Monday Kickstart KSD Run

Get your limited edition Howei running drifit shirt and refreshments after you sweat it out!

Every Monday at Persiaran Karpal Singh in Jelutong, Penang from 6:30pm onwards!

Howei Malaysian Independence Day Merdeka Celebration Designs

Here at Howei we enjoy a good celebration, especially if it allows us to show our love for our country and people. So happy Merdeka (that’s Independence Day in Malaysia for those playing at home) to everybody!

Let’s remember and celebrate our freedom, and strive for a better tomorrow!

Celebrate Merdeka together with Howei – get out there and enjoy your freedom on your home soil (with physical distancing please)!

Rockman X Dive Poster Designs – Marino & Hidden Deep Elements

Here are some Rockman X Dive visuals for the latest mobile game in Capcom’s Rockman X franchise!

First up is the logo, the classic Rockman X with a Dive, and a humble homage to Rockman’s headpiece (the red triangle).

Next up we introduce a new skin and outfit for Marino, the ninja Reploid of the Maverick Hunter team!

Clearly some improvements in er…flexibility.

And then we have the video visual for the full Hidden Deep Element location guide for Stage 8 of Rockman X Dive!

Safety First This Hari Raya from Hoho & Weiwei!

Selamat Hari Raya from Hoho and Weiwei!

Or should I say Hoho bin Mohowei and Weiweiminah?

They’ve certainly dressed up for the occasion!

And here are Hoho and Weiwei’s posts on social media:

Festive enough?

Hari Raya is the Malay new year celebration following an arduous month-long fast, and normally there would be widespread gatherings and home visitations and parties.

Unfortunately this year that is no longer an option, with interstate travel and large scale gatherings banned.

However, the spirit of Hari Raya is the happiness and togetherness of knowing that ones family and friends are safe and sound, and so let us unite and stay in touch in spirit this Hari Raya 2020 with Hoho and Weiwei to cheers everyone on!

Stay safe and wear your face masks and maintain social distancing, everybody!

Let’s Get Ready To Run!

Say hello to Hoho and Weiwei in their outdoor running gear!

Let’s get ready to run outdoors again! While still being socially responsible, of course.

Please maintain at least 1.5m between bodies, thank you!

Making Good Use of Space

Tropicana Grov Bedroom
Wanted Interior Designers

Our existence revolves around how we interact and how we use the space around us. How we fill or create voids with meaning and things. How well we make us of our space…

Design is no different – we have to balance what we cram into our limited fields of view. Everything has to be mobile sized now.