Security with Hai Kang Steel Metal Doors and Frames

Hai Kang Steel Metal Door Frame Security

Afraid of intruders in the night, strangers entering your home through your unshielded, naked doors and windows? Protect your home now with Hai Kang Steel’s sturdy and unbreakable metal frame doors and barricades!

Let me tell you a story about a time I was faced with an intruder, when I experienced a rude awakening at an ungodly hour. A figureless, shapeless spectre made its way past our security, past our firewalls, past our well-guarded perimeters, and into our premises. If only we had a Hai Kang Steel metal frame door or barrier!

But it wouldn’t have helped, because the breach I speak of is a virtual one. Somewhere in the blue nowhere, in the invisible strands of this magical thing called the internet, someone bypassed our security and managed to access our confidential information within our servers. While the server was not a core one with any real data, the breach was still an unexpected incident and came as a shock to us.

It seems the future of warfare and resource gathering will be digital. It will be online where we wage the next world war, in the virtual realm where nations rise and fall and economies bust and boom and fade to outdated data sitting in a forsaken server.

Are you prepared for digital warfare?

Digital Warfare Software Training Caritech Howei
Digital Warfare Software Training Caritech Howei

Well, if you don’t like to code, then subscribe to our IT services! Our softwares will keep your company lean and automated and ready for the digital times that are coming. Transform your business today, like Hai Kang Steel did!

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Hai Kang Steel in Penang

Hai Kang Steel is a local Penang company that supplies steel frames and accessories. If you want a custom steel project for your property, Hai Kang Steel should be your first choice!

Hai Kang Steel has been leading the way in wholesales distribution of Wall, Ceiling Accessories, Furring Channel, Metal Door Frame, Metal Window Frame since 2007. Our ongoing firm commitment to consistently maintain premium quality products, innovation, and unparalleled service coupled with respected ethics and having the most extensive range of products in the industry ensures the most convenient, beneficial results and satisfaction guarantee for our distributors.

Hai Kang Steel Metal Door Frames, whether it is the Hai Kang Steel KD-118 Knocked-Down System or the BU-118 Built Up System, are manufactured to perfection complete with quality in-vuilt hinger, door stops and arcitraves, striker plate and lock pocket and shock absorbing buffers. Futher strengthrened by the dual spreader bars at the heels, the Hai Kang Steel Metal Door Frames form an integral aprt of the wall and hence add to its structural strength.

Hai Kang Steel Metal Door Frames give user the flexibility of either integrating them with feature facia bricks or plastering. All Hai Kang Steel metal Door Frames are made to the exact requirements of the doors for which they are intended. With the wire brick ties (to brickworks) or R.C. column adaptors / adaptor straps, the Hai Kang Steel Metal Door Frames require no nails or lintels but just 6 easy steps of installation shown below:

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