Monday Kickstart KSD Run [Howei Events]

Kickstart your week with our Monday Karpal Singh Drive (KSD) Run (with refreshments and sponsored goodies by Howei Events)!

Howei Monday Kickstart KSD Run
Howei Monday Kickstart KSD Run
Howei Monday Kickstart KSD Run
Howei Monday Kickstart KSD Run

Get your limited edition Howei running drifit shirt and refreshments after you sweat it out!

Every Monday at Persiaran Karpal Singh in Jelutong, Penang from 6:30pm onwards!

VStaff HRMS Features & Designs

VStaff is Malaysia’s top-of-the-range HR management system and powerful customised solution that will take your business to the next level!

VStaff has all the features you need for your human resources department (and more!) – from leave to claims to payroll and performance appraisal. And it is all online and responsive, so you can run payroll and check your payslip from anywhere in the world!

Check how much leave you have left with VStaff’s online E-leave module!

Submit all your monetary claims for approval swiftly and easily with VClaims!

Track your sales by salesperson or by outlet, and reward your sales team accordingly. Get powerful statistics for the most vital part of your business with VSales!

Ensure your staff are trained up and ready to go, and discover now courses now with VStaff’s VTrain!

Approved by Malaysia’s LHDN, VStaff is a ready-to-use solution that will transform your HR department and entire workforce!

Everything is now available at the click or tap of a button!

Try out VStaff today and contact the VStaff team at or call 04-371 2251.

Rockman X Dive Poster Designs – Marino & Hidden Deep Elements

Here are some Rockman X Dive visuals for the latest mobile game in Capcom’s Rockman X franchise!

First up is the logo, the classic Rockman X with a Dive, and a humble homage to Rockman’s headpiece (the red triangle).

Next up we introduce a new skin and outfit for Marino, the ninja Reploid of the Maverick Hunter team!

Clearly some improvements in er…flexibility.

And then we have the video visual for the full Hidden Deep Element location guide for Stage 8 of Rockman X Dive!

Howei Mascot & Poster Design

A continuation of the Howei mascots, Hoho and Weiwei and the marketing of the virtual event platform. Below is the mascot and poster designs:

Say hi to Hoho on his stationary bike!

But wait, there’s more!

Say hi to Weiwei on the treadmill (the pink one, not the lady):

Poster Design Feature: Learn New Things Daily!

Today we feature some poster designs for motivation and learning, and a learning channel dedicated to learning new things every day!

It may sound quite daunting trying to learn a new thing every single day, but remember it doesn’t mean you have to learn an entire concept or memorise the dictionary.

It could be something as simple as a new phrase or new way of doing something.

Check out the TIL with Sam channel for daily sessions, at least while this lockdown is in place.